Collinsville Streetscape Phase II

Latest Project Updates and News

Welcome to the Collinsville Streetscape Website. The goal of this site is to provide stakeholders, business owners and residents of Collinsville with the most current information regarding the project.

Collinsville Streetscape Public Information Meeting #1

Kent + Frost will host the first public information meeting this Wednesday November 1st. This meeting will include the following topics:

  1. Review of the 2015 Collinsville Streetscape Master Plan
  2. Review of Phase I
  3. Phase II Design, Construction Process and Schedule
  4. Discussion of ideas for Phase II

Both sessions will focus on the same topics.

Collinsville Farmers Market

Kent + Frost will take part in the Collinsville Farmers Market on October 8th and 22nd.  Please stop by and share your thoughts on the Collinsville Master Plan, the completed Phase I and future Phase II of the Collinsville Streetscape.